IWP Team

cloudy sky

Akilah t’Zuberi
Owner, Inner World Press

I am down 10 skeins of yarn, up 2 afghans and working on a third, and simply amazed at some of the skies I’ve seen lately. I ask myself, have the skies always been this beautiful, or is it that I’m just taking the time to look up?


laurie and her mom in front of a tree

Laurie Thompson

I just want to thank this woman, my mom, for bringing me into this world and for loving me so much and so well over the past 50 years!


accra at lake michigan

Accra Zuberi
Graphic Designer

I made it back to Lake Michigan. It’s the same lake, and I am a different person, looking at it from a new perspective.


oakland demonstration in solidarity with #nodapl water protectors, against wage theft by Calavera, and in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter

Aaron Joseph
Owner Designer, and Developer, adj.Media

I joined an action in Oakland, California to show solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. I did not know the organizers. When I got there, one of the organizers/dancers/leaders/warriors/powerful women was looking for someone to hold a skull sign that her group had created. I raised my hand. She paused and then said, “I don’t know you … but I trust you,” and handed me the sign. Then she explained to all of us that we needed to follow the leaders of the group closely and help lead the rest of our group as we marched, while holding a banner. It was such an honor. It was so amazing to be up close with the dancers, elders, and ceremony leaders. We also paused in front of a restaurant called Calavera to demonstrate against their practice of wage theft from their indigenous workers. Later, the same women warrior who gave me the sign led us in a chant of “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” and explained and acknowledged the intersectionality of all movements of all people and the need for us to support each other. Other chants were

  • Hands Off Standing Rock!
  • Water Is? LIFE!
  • No more oil! Keep it in the soil!

Please vote. I’m terrified of he who shall not be named and what will happen if he wins. People say “our government can’t get any more racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, disenfranchising, etc.” I think it can. And I think that piece of barely-human garbage will embolden that type of culture both in, and outside of politics. Let’s not let it happen.

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