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What Does Ascension Mean?

For people like me, people whose lives are about sharing the idea of the new earth, I am always open to receiving more effective methods of translating and sharing this idea. Naturally, it is through my writing that I have responded to the call. And it has come to me that more people would get on board with this new idea if they just knew what the hell this new earth conversation was all about. People hear these terms, phrases and concepts and are automatically turned off or lost because the language is too metaphysical, too new-agey, too religious, or too alienating.

So what I would like to do is clarify a few terms and phrases that are commonly used in the dialogue not only about the creation of the new earth, but also about the shift in consciousness in general. Naturally, I can’t possibly cover everything, but there are some words and phrases floating around out there that you may have heard and have no idea what they mean. It is also the case that some words and phrases have been clarified and/or released from their old meanings. New meanings have been adopted.

First, let’s take a look at this phrase, the new incoming energy. When you hear this phrase, all that is being talked about is new information. Energy is information. Some information is coming in* that, if accepted, will shift or change a life form (us) so that how it behaves or acts will be different: in-form-ation. Sometimes this new information may, in fact, be new, or it could be a correction or expansion of the information that we already have. Here’s a good example; for thousands of years, we have thought that sickness and disease were a natural part of the life experience. As a result of the new incoming energy, or information, we are aware that there is a direct correlation between our beliefs or thoughts, our emotions, and our health experience.

Next you are probably asking, “How did the information come through?” That’s a good question, and you already know that someone has to communicate or translate the information into language that people can understand. Who would those people be? They would be people who are open to receiving a new way of looking at sickness and disease. They would be people who may have some inkling of an idea that the old information is either incorrect or has run its course. Dr. Candace Pert (1946-2013) is a great example. Pert was a molecular biologist, open to looking at molecular biology in a different way. She studied the relationship between cells and emotions, and published her findings in a book titled Molecules of Emotions.

But here is something else you should know about the new incoming energy. The speed, or the incoming, has accelerated. Acceleration is another one of those terms that is often used with the new incoming energy. It simply means that you will observe a rapid increase in the number of people who are sharing, accepting and applying that new energy or information in their lives.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, also observed how cells respond to beliefs and emotions. His book, The Biology of Belief, has made him an internationally recognized authority in bridging the gap between science and spirit. People who would normally never pick up a book on cell biology are reading The Biology of Belief in numbers that have made it a best seller! But more importantly, people are taking more of an active role in their health experience. They are embracing and taking back their power as creators and creating health experiences that are free of disease, sickness and above all, pain and suffering.

Knowing what this new incoming energy is is crucial to understanding the shift in consciousness and reclaiming our identities as co-creators.

Humanity has lived primarily under the belief that those who are in so-called power positions, politicians for example, experts from all fields, and those who own the wealth of the planet, are the source of change. Yet, both Pert and Lipton were in academic positions at prominent universities; their research was ridiculed and frowned upon as being unscientific. What their examples demonstrate is that “scientific” does not necessarily translate into what is of the highest good for all life on the planet, nor does the scientific community hold the best interests of all life on the planet.

When the number of people who are open to receiving and applying the new information accelerates, shift happens. Normally, the shift in consciousness is thought of as an idea or a whim of new agers. Actually concrete, knock-on-wood changes come as a result of people changing their minds, of looking at “who they are” with a different lens. When you are aware that you are creating your life experience, in this case your health, concrete changes occur. Less drugs are purchased, both prescription and over-the-counter ones, and the bottom line of the industrial pharmaceutical complex shrinks.

Those who become obsessed with wellness are careful about the foods that they put into their bodies. More awareness exists about the impact of processed foods, of how our food is grown and how GMO’s affect the meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables that go into our bodies. Many people are growing their own vegetables; they’re raising chickens and inviting the bees to their back yards. These are changes that come from one shift in the relationship between the mind, the emotions and the body. A shift, or large scale changes, comes when a large and growing number of people get a hold of an idea that shifts their life experience, all for the better.

Next, let’s take a look at two other somewhat vague terms: new earth and the ascension.

The new earth is the idea of this planet (the one we’re living on now) transformed, receiving a facelift so to speak, by a humanity who lives in a constant state of awareness of who they are and in a state that embraces an ever accelerating, new energy. This is easy to translate. On the new earth, life is the constant expansion of peace, well-being, prosperity, and health. And the movement, from the old earth consciousness, from powerlessness to power, from victimhood to co-creator, from conflict and discord to peace and joy, from enslavement to beliefs that do not work for the highest good of all to a consciousness that sees itself as one with Infinite Creation, is known as the ascension. It is the process of lifting the planet and all life on it out of conflict, discord and suffering. The ascension is also referred to as “lifting the planet and its people out of darkness” and into the light (light and knowledge mean the same thing in shift talk). It is the movement towards oneness, with the oceans, the animals, the trees, all the planets and galaxies, etc., and the Source of All That Is, Love.

Finally, we have the awakening. Just as when we awaken in the morning to start a new day, the awakening is the dawning of the awareness of the possibilities of a new way of living life on this planet. When we awaken in the morning, we don’t live the whole day in the first few minutes. There’s a natural unfolding that may begin with a shower, a cup of coffee, meditation or exercise. Humanity’s awakening occurs within, first by each and every one becoming aware of the co-creative power that our thoughts and emotions have on our life experience. We then must set out to convince ourselves that this power is indeed real, that it has practical and concrete applications by transforming our normal, ordinary life to an extraordinary, blissed-out experience.

With this new incoming energy, the shift in consciousness is all the more available to anyone who desires to create their lives anew. Re-creating our lives is how we create the new earth, lifting it out of conflict and discord, by first lifting each of our lives out of it. We can ascend to new heights, experience unimaginable joy, health, abundance and well-being. With one awakening, pain on the earth is lessened, suffering retreats, joy expands its conscious territory, and love triumphs again as always.

There is a divine unfolding going on, on this planet. We have the upper hand, and the energy remains, eternally, on our side.


*for the sake of brevity and because I am deliberately avoiding any metaphysical terminology or explanation, I use the terms “coming in.” It is easier to digest, to wrap your thought around. But in actuality, the knowledge is coming from within, because we are the Universe in physical form. There is actually no new information. It is only information contained within that we are now becoming aware of and are willing to consider and express.

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