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Our Relationships and The Belief in Separation

Akilah's Column

It was years ago that I became aware of the belief in separation, a term used to describe a group of thoughts and beliefs that have and continue to shape human planetary consciousness. A 15-year old relationship with A Course in Miracles schooled me on the cause and effects of this belief system. There were some people who knew about the separation back in 1994, but nothing compared to now.  These days, the term “separation” is mentioned in conversations, dialogues and books much more frequently than when I first began ACIM, and it is being used by people from widely divergent backgrounds, from neuroscience to economics.  It seems to me that we are becoming more aware of the relationship between our thoughts/beliefs and our life experience. While understanding how the belief in separation has shaped our lives on this planet, I think it is of vital importance that we become aware of the shift that will occur in our life experience as a result of this expanded awareness.

First, let’s take a look at the term “separation” in the context of our thoughts and beliefs so as to create a concrete image of exactly what is going on in our consciousness.

We all have experiences. All of our experiences occur within relationships. Relationship is the stuff of life. If we will reflect on our experiences, we will see that it is composed of a staggering number of relationships.  For example, our work lives are composed of relationships with what we do, the place where we do it, and with whom we do it.

We also have a relationship with place: a home or apartment, a place of worship; maybe we have a favorite place in nature we enjoy visiting. We may have a favorite restaurant that we frequent, or a market that sells the best of your favorite fruits and vegetables. We have relationships to each of these places.

We have relationships with our families: parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.  In a marriage, we have a relationship with a partner. If we are a parent, we have a relationship with our child or children.

We have a relationship with money.

Then there are broader based relationships, ones based on race, religion, sex and even politics. These relationships encompass large numbers of people.  Some African Americans may have a relationship with an organization that challenges institutional racism and discrimination, such as the NAACP. The Communist Party of the United States is a political party whose members’ political views differ from those of the mainstream Democratic or Republican party. Each member of CPUSA, whose race, gender and age may vary, is in a relationship with the party, its agenda and its vision.

We also have a relationship with our bodies, with plants and animals, with the earth and with the universe.

Now what the belief in separation does is removes or separates us from these relationships by interpreting for us the cause of what occurs in them. What a shift in consciousness does is puts us back into our rightful place as cause or creator of what occurs in relationships.  By becoming aware of our thoughts/beliefs and how closely they reflect our experiences, no doubt can remain that each of us is, indeed, the author of these experiences.

Let’s take for example our relationship with the body. We have medical institutions with copious amounts of information and research on diseases and disorders. The medical institutions interpret for us what is going on in our relationship with the body. We mainly call on a medical professional when we are experiencing some kind of discomfort in our relationship with the body. Medical institutions, of all kinds, are mainly concerned with finding cures for disorders we may be experiencing. These disorders range from cancer to gambling.  The medical establishment is the authority on our relationship with the body, and it interprets for us any problems that we might be experiencing in that relationship.

In the example of the relationship with money, the economy is one of the big interpreters of our experience. During a recession, people will attribute their money woes to the state of the economy. Politics is also an interpreter of our relationship with money. Many people feel that when Democrats are running the White House in the U.S., money flows, but when Republicans take office, money trickles down, or doesn’t come at all, and less jobs are available to earn a living.

In both cases, the belief in separation has separated or disconnected us from the cause of our experiences. In other words, the belief in separation robs us of our authority over our lives and of our sovereignty as creator beings. According to the belief in separation, our lives are shaped by forces that exist outside of us, by forces over which we have no control.

The new idea is this: With the power of our thoughts/beliefs, we are, each and every day, creating the experiences that we are having.

What the shift in consciousness does is place each of us back into our rightful position as the ruler of our world, the creator of our reality, the cause of the experiences that we are having in relationships.  A decision to shift consciousness is the decision to lay aside the relationship with the belief in separation, and enter into an intimate relationship with our Self, or the Source, of whom you, and I and all the rest of the 7 billion people on this planet are unique reflections.

Know that a radical life transformation awaits us. Know that as we each become aware of the power of our thoughts and beliefs to direct our experience, relationships will naturally and effortlessly, also, transform.

Making the decision to release our relationship with the belief in separation is the first stage in shifting consciousness.  The people of the earth are awakening. We are becoming aware of the effects of the belief in separation, and we are making the decision to look at beliefs and thoughts that will create a different kind of experience, in relationships.  It is a sign of the coming of what I am calling the New Earth, where joy and well-being are the natural state of all relationships on the planet.

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